Animation (3D and 2D)

> Animation production and direction

My primary occupation is conceptualizing and creating 3D animation. With a bachelor’s degree in 3D Computer Animation and Visual Effects from the Utrecht School of the Arts, I not only have the necessary skills to make animation, but also the ability to direct the entire production process. Besides 3D animation, I also am experienced with 2D animation, particularly digital cutout, a classic animation technique with a contemporary execution. This is a style which requires less time to make but is a powerful and clear way to communicate.

> Characters: design, modeling, rigging, animation

Next to the production of entire animations, I am also available for 2D and 3D character design. I can also take existing ideas or sketches for characters and make them ready for animation. The purchase of a rigging system for Autodesk Maya allows me to efficiently rig characters, and consequently adjust the rig to the animator’s needs.

> Motion graphics

Motion graphics can be used to explain systems or products, communicate a specific message, or simply create a certain atmosphere. Animated logos, bumpers, leaders and title sequences all fall within this category. When creating motion graphics, both my experience and existing skills in animation and illustration come in handy.

Post production

> Visual effects

With my knowledge of Autodesk Maya and other animation packages, I can create special effects intended for application to filmed footage. Having a visual effects supervisor on set who knows how to optimize filmed footage for postproduction and compositing is very important and something I can be hired for. This approach minimalizes or prevents the potential problems which can be encountered later in the production process.

> Compositing

Animation, visual effects and filmed material must combine seamlessly in the final product. Compositing is the process by which all of the separate elements are combined without being distinguishable from one another. I like to do this with special software, such as The Foundry Nuke, or in the broader Adobe After Effects. I can also be hired for the color grading of live action material.

Web design

> Website design

With knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL and Javascript (jQuery), I can create custom-made websites where a strong design and user friendliness play a central role. When a finished website is delivered, the question of who will maintain the website remains. If you would like to update it yourself, but lack knowledge of HTML, PHP or other protocol, you will need a system which allows you to easily update your website. This can be built in to your website, as described in the following item: Website design with CMS.

> Website design with CMS

A CMS (content management system) allows you to modify your website from any location in your web browser. A WordPress site is particularly useful for this and is also my specialty. Through use of templates and plugins, WordPress can be thoroughly customized to suit your needs. It can be used to make a simple website but can be expanded to include a complete E-commerce application with a web shop, blog, and other useful tools. I am also available to translate static websites or existing templates into a dynamic WordPress template. For more information on WordPress, please visit their website.

> jQuery javascript-framework

jQuery is a javascript framework which makes animating different elements on your website, the creation of an appealing user inferface, and communicating with the web server (AJAX) a piece of cake. It is highly suitable for creating a rich web environment, a crucial characteristic of contemporary web design. jQuery is well combined with WordPress, a combination I like to use and which can be seen in the animated elements on this website. On top of this, I can combine jQuery and jQuery UI to build entire web applications. For more information on jQuery, please visit their website.
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